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Key proliferation and insuffiant /badly installed locks could be putting over 400,000

British students at risk of burglary, assault, fraud and worse still, experts warn.

The Master Locksmiths Association (MLA) is calling on universities and landlords to

consider if the type of locks fitted in student halls of residents and flats meet industry

standards and if spare keys left in the hand of previous occupants are putting students at


Figures from the Home Office reveal that students are one of the highest at-risk groups

of crime with one in three students becoming a victim of criminal activity each year.

Also, statistics report that over a third (36 per cent) of students live in fear of crime.

Dr Steffan George, business development director from the MLA warns: “While

universities and police forces work hard to raise awareness of personal security among

students we are concerned that locks to rooms and flats are often not even considered”

“A common presumption is that once someone has returned a key it is the only copy,

however this is sadly not always the case and high student turnover could mean excess

copies have been made and used by former residents, employees, contractors and even

rogue locksmiths to the detriment of new residents”