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Recent  press  reports regarding Britain’s status as Europe’s burglary capital
have placed ever-increasing emphasis on the need for appropriate physical security in
the home.

Whilst  the  use   of  alarm  systems    and   modern  technology      such  as  CCTV     is
important, the first  line of defence  of the  home is the  physical security,  i.e. the
locks   on  the   gates,   doors,  windows,     garage   etc.  The    Master   Locksmiths
Association  has  produced  the      “MLA  Guidelines  for  the  Minimum  Security  for
Domestic  Property”  which  provides  advice  on  the  types  of  locks  and  physical
security  devices  that  are  recommended  in  order  to  decrease  the  likelihood  of
being   burgled.   These    guidelines   are  available   free  of  charge   and   can   be
downloaded from the MLA website www.locksmiths.co.uk.

If you have a concern about home security then please consult an MLA approved
company  who  will  be  happy  to  inform  you  of  your  options  and  assist  you  in
making your property  more secure. Your local MLA approved company can  be
found  by  ringing  the  MLA  on  0800  7831498  or  visiting  the  website.      It  is  also
important to look for devices that have been independently tested such as those
that  carry  the  Sold  Secure  Approved  product  logo  (a  list  of  such  devices  is
available at www.soldsecure.com)