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Master Locksmiths designed to be secure

The leading trade association for the locksmithing profession is further cementing its position

as one of the UK’s leading security experts by forging a new partnership with the Association

of Chief Police Officers (ACPO).

The Master Locksmiths Association (MLA) is the latest organisation to become an Affiliate

Trade Association member of ACPO’s Secured by Design (SBD) initiative. SBD promotes

the use of security standards and looks at implementing crime prevention measures at the

design and refurbishment stages of commercial and residential development to ensure longterm

security measures are in place.

As the organisations join forces, the pair are using the opportunity to highlight concern over

the open sale of specialist locksmithing tools. The duo are worried that if specialist tools fall

into the wrong hands serious security breaches could prevail and argue that sale of such

products should be restricted to appropriately vetted, inspected and qualified professional

locksmith companies or individuals.

Dr Steffan George from the MLA said: “Secured by Design is a fantastic initiative that echoes

the MLA’s ethos that security begins from the base up. By ensuring the basics such as locks

and keys are correct from the start of a project, any additional security measures will further

enhance steps and ensure longevity of a security system.

“We have worked with the Home Office and various police constabularies for a number of

years on a host of different projects so it is fantastic to be able to work with the ACPO to

raise awareness of issues affecting us and the wider security industry.

“The unregulated sale of specialist locksmithing tools is one trend we are seeing on an

increasingly frequent basis and a concern that is mirrored by SBD. Together we want to

bring about industry change that means only licensed, vetted and approved locksmiths such

as MLA members and emergency services are able to buy specialist tools. By ensuring only

a limited number of respected and proven individuals have access to these items we

minimise the chances of rogue individuals using the tools to the determent of the public or

marketing themselves as professional locksmiths when they do not have the training,

appropriate vetting, background or experience to make such a claim.”

The MLA is the third organisation to join SBD as an Affiliate Trade Association member,

sitting alongside the likes of the Door and Hardware Federation, and The Institute of Lighting

Engineers. As an Affiliate Trade Association member the MLA will have the opportunity to

partake in SBD organised industry debate and events and provide industry input to ACPO,

working with them to maximise security for the general public.

Jon Cole, National Operations Manager for Secured by Design said: “We are extremely

pleased that the MLA is joining the growing number of companies that belong to the SBD

affiliate trade association member scheme. The strategic alliance between the MLA and

SBD will enable to two organisations to work together to promote physical security even

more effectively.”