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With the ever increasing cost of crude oil, thieves are now actively targeting fuel tanks at farms, transport depots and domestic properties. These tanks can contain many hundreds of pounds of oil and diesel and it is therefore worth taking precautions to protect it.

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The  fuel lock is the ideal first line of defence, a 3mm mild steel case fits over the gate valve a 25mm diameter lock bolt that can not be bolt cropped locks into place. Finished in bright red powder coating the lock is highly visible and easy to fit.

Fits 1″ parallel gate valves.

valve oil

The TankLock is a locking device featuring a magnet locking system. It is designed to  it a standard 2″ fill point inlet on fuel tanks such as diesel tanks, oil tanks and heating oil tanks. The unique locking system provides two advantages over alternative tank locks:

1. Unbeatable tank lock security: the TankLock cannot be forced like traditional locks
2. Waterproof and weather proof: the magnetic locking mechanism is better protected than padlocks

The majority of tank locks are secured using a padlock which can easily be broken because they are vulnerable to security issues such as crow-barring. The Spin Secure tank lock free-spinning design has eliminated torque points so the lock cannot be forced.