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Congratulations on your house move!

You have in your hand some keys to your new house in Wilmslow. locksmith stockpportHave you considered how many other keys for your new home there may be? even a new build my have had duplicated made for contractors, security and agents. there is every chance these have not been collected.

If other people have owned, or rented, your home before you, ex tenants, neighbours and home helps may still have keys . This means that changing the locks on your new home is a top priority.

But the family that you have just bought your new home from are a  nice family, and you reason that they would never sneak back with a spare set of keys and burgle you. Probably not, but you just don’t know if they have handed out copies of the keys to your home. How do you know that a spare key was not loaned to a tradesman, pet sitter, delivery person or visiting friend or relative? Sure the key was handed back when the job was done, or the visit was over, but what if a copy was made?

Changing locks may involve a comparatively small expense and a bit of inconvenience, but nothing like the expense and inconvenience of a thief using a copied key to walk into your home. Would your insurance pay out, if there was no sign of forced entry?

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Domestic locking guidelines

Remember, Don’t just change the front door. Don’t forget the garage and other outbuildings. All external doors need to have their locks replaced and that includes the garage door, especially so if there is a door that leads from the garage into the house.

Changing locks to your new home is now top of the list. But you may not want to simply change like for like. the locks may be quite old, there may be newer, more secure, insurance approved locks . You may choose to pass some locks to the same key for your convenience.

Moving home creates opportunities for criminals – empty homes, pre-packed items and open doors are all adverts for crime. When you move home, follow some simple steps to protect yourself and others from burglary.

  • Keep packing boxes out of sight – don’t alert strangers to the fact you’re moving.
  • Think about leaving small valuable items, like jewellery, at the bank.
  • If you’re selling, get keys back from friends family and cleaners etc to give to people moving into your home.
  • Use reliable tradespersons affiliated to trade bodies and associations. Try not to give out new sets of keys unless you really have to.
  • Don’t leave empty boxes for new expensive items like TVs outside on view –it’s an advert for what is inside your home.

If you’re a new house holder, in the Macclesfield, Stockport, South Manchester areas – please contact us and enquire about our offers for new home owners.