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Home security advice & tips

There are many things to do to reduce the chances of being burgled.
Remember some important rules to help keep your family and  Macclesfield property safe

Firstly have a look at your house and property from the street/ footpath from all angles. See what can be viewed – big flatscreen TV, hi-fi, X Box etc. Consider net curtains or blinds

The most important thing is to stop any unwanted visitors gaining access to your rear gardens. Good walls, fences, hedges and gates.

Chain up ladders to stop them being used for access.

Check household insurance documents for specification of locks


  • Lock your doors and windows and remove all keys when leaving your property or retiring for the night.
  • Keep keys for your car away from view, but not too hard to fine by an unwanted guest. There have been many recent burglaries in Wilmslow, where the cars has been targeted
  • Renew your locks when moving into your new home or work premises. This is also a perfect time to assess the security of your latest investment!

Do not

  • Leave keys in view from windows or letterboxes. Ideally place them in a separate key safe.
  • Leave doors and windows open and unattended when at home. 20% of burglaries committed are of the “distraction” type, where access is gained through these areas. Think about this when watching TV, in the shower/bath, on the phone or computer, or answering a call from an unexpected person at the door.
  • Place keys under plant pots, door mats, dustbins, etc. Thieves know all theses typical places and will try them first.