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An entrepreneur attended an auction at which he succeeded in winning an old safe.

With dreams of a large fortune inside, he was told that the business from which the safe originated was so long defunct, that no one had the key. Undaunted, he called a Macclesfield locksmith to try to get the safe open.

The first Macclesfield locksmith told the entrepreneur that it would cost £50 to open the safe. However, tried as he might, he couldn’t open it, and told the wealthy man that he had lost his money in buying the safe.

The entrepreneur then contacted another locksmith, based in Stockport a crusty, bent old man with three days’ growth of white whiskers, who took a long look at the safe, noted its manufacturer and retired to his van. Shortly, he returned with a  drill, a ruler, and a small, bent piece of metal.

The locksmith measured a few inches from the dial and marked an “x” at the “two o’clock” mark. It took more than an hour for the old man to drill through the safe’s door. He then took the bent metal, hooked it through the hole and fished around a few moments until a loud “CLICK” was heard. Turning the handle the door swung open slowly.

The safe was empty.

Disappointed, the entrepreneur turned to the locksmith and asked the charge for opening the safe.

“£160,” replied the locksmith.

“£160?!” shouted the businessman, “That’s outrageous! The other man only wanted£50! I want an itemized bill for it!”

“Okay.” The locksmith turned on his heel and returned to his van. A few minutes later, the entrepreneur was presented with a dirty piece of paper upon which the locksmith had written:

£25 drilling hole
£135 knowing where to drill

*As a note, our dedicated Cusworth Master Locksmiths team contributed this locksmith joke. However, you can always expect professional services from Cusworths. You can rest assured that all technicians are fully licensed, CRB Checked, and insured. If you can bare our jokes, you can a discount off the final price! 😉