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Chubb Signet ring on man’s finger, he takes ring off to reveal to camera small key concealed in top of ring. MS. Board holding various types of locks the signet ring key will fit. CU. Workings of giant notice lock. CU. Man using key with very long handle. He shows to camera way of detaching the end for easier carrying. MS. & CU. Lock trophy made for 1837 exhibition which is made up of 44 locks and keys. MS. & CU. Man unlocking a German 17th century casket. He lifts lid to show the multi lock principle. CU. Man operating a British 17th century lock. A keyhole cover slide back by the face by secret button. Man speaking to gathering of locksmiths at annual convention. Seated people listening. CU. Sign reading ‘The Greater London Master Locksmiths Association – Annual Convention 1961’. MS. & CU. As man shows the workings of an ancient Egyptian lock made from ebony. CU. Working of a lock of 1795 which has a built in bell alarm. CU. Modern combination lock used for safes – it has 100 million combinations. CU. Giant padlock is opened by very small key.

(Orig. Neg.)

Date found in the old record – 06/11/1961