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There have been many changes in access control in the past 20 years.

Electronic access control was expensive and complicated, only for important commercial applications, such as security doors and cash offices. These were operated by keypads, with user codes. Following keypads, swipe card systems were adopted, using iso credit card formats to read data off the mag stripe. Swipe cards had two major problems- they were prone to wear, due to physical interference between the card and reader. Also it soon became possible to make a copy, or clone of the card.

One solution, which has been the best compromise, is the proximity card, or token. This system, pioneered in Stockport by PAC International, uses wireless technology with no moving parts or batteries.

Biometric systems are in use, but have not been universally adopted for mainstream use.

Era iLock is a new domestic electronic lock with either keypad, or fingerprint use

it is a good alternative for anyone who has regular visitors, such as home help, healthcare providers, meals on wheels etc



keypad lock for domestic multipoint doors

electronic access control for upvc doors