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I was in a well known Master Locksmiths Association affiliated trade only “locksmith” wholesaler today.

In the showroom was a merchandiser brimming with MLA Associated Membership Details. Looking inside, for £93 you get most of what we get as a fully qualified trailed and vetted MLA company member.  Just a CRB check and a couple of references, one of which can be from this very wholesaler.

Just then a “locksmith”, who had passed the wholesaler’s strict account application process, dropped the shrapnel pictured below on the counter.

“Another one of these please” he said. He even though was trading as a locksmith, and had only just butchered the lock, was totally nu-aware of what to ask for.

“What is it?” Asked the counter staff

“What was it more like?” I interjected !

Neither if them could work out what it was. It was then I made my mistake:

I told them what model to replace it with with the minimum of fuss.

If you ever see anything like this, you can be sure the person has no clue whatsoever!