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Cylinder Security
The security sector is constantly faced with new challenges. Creativity is required for developing products able to continue towithstand new burglary methods. At its own research department, EVVA continuously develops new solutions for the market in order to meet constantly evolving security requirements. EVVA invents protection mechanisms to resist these and other opening techniques:

  • Detectable opening techniques (the cylinder remains fully-functional, traces are visible): Opening using vibrating tools.
  • “Intelligent¨ opening techniques: Opening with lock tools (e.g. a skeleton key or picking), opening with the bump-key method etc.
  • Destructive opening techniques (the cylinder is destroyed): Snapping or ripping off the cylinder; drilling into the cylinder or drilling it out; sawing open the cylinder;pulling the cylinder plug out.

The EPS system offers you a variety of technical features making it particularly difficult to break open the lock. Protection against Picking and Scanning The mechanism protecting against picking prevents the locking positions in the cylinder from being aligned properly so as to allow the door to be opened. Protection against picking and scanning is designed compactly in EPS cylinders, using specially formed tumbler pins. With the modular design option, scanning protection is achieved using locking pins which have hidden positions.

Protection against Drilling and Plug-Pulling For the EPS system, hardened steel elements are standard for protecting against drilling into or drilling open locks. On request, cylinders with enhanced protection against drilling, i.e. using carbide elements, may also be supplied. The small carbide plates withstand even special pulling tools.