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BS EN 1125 – Panic exit devices

BS EN 1125

Building hardware – panic exit devices operated by a horizontal bar


BS EN 1125 classifies panic exit devices using a 9 digit coding system.

Each digit refers to a particular feature of the product measured against the standard’s performance requirements.

Digit 1 – Category of use
– grade 3: High frequency use by public and others with little incentive to exercise care.

Digit 2 – Durability
– grade 6: 100 000 cycles.
– grade 7: 200 000 cycles.

Digit 3 – Door mass
– grade 5: Up to 100kg.
– grade 6: Up to 200kg.

– grade 7: Over 200kg

Digit 4 – Fire resistance
– grade 0: Not approved for use on fire/smoke door assemblies.
– grade A: Suitable for use on smoke door assemblies, based on requirements B1, Annex B)

– grade B: suitable for use on fire and smoke door assemblies based on a test in accordance with EN 1634-1. Annex B contains additional requirements for panic exit devices to this grade.

Digit 5 – Safety
– grade 1: All exit devices are required to satisfy the essential requirement of safety in use.

Digit 6 – Corrosion resistance
– grade 3: High resistance.
– grade 4: Very high resistance.

Digit 7 – Security
– grade 2: Panic devices are primarily for the operation of a door from the inside. Safety considerations will always be given priority over security – grade 2:100N (minimum specification)

Digit 8 – Projection of device
– grade 1: Projection up to 150mm (large projection).
– grade 2: Projection up to 100mm (standard projection).

Digit 9 – Type of device
– Type A: Panic device with push bar operation.
– Type B: Panic device with touch bar operation.

Digit 10 – Field of door application

– cat A – single door, double door: active or inactive


The following classification denotes an emergency exit device tested to 200.000 operations for a door mass up to 100kg. Suitable for use on fire/smoke resisting door assemblies according to product information, with high corrosion resistance, grade 3 security level 2000N, large push bar projection. Type A suitable for use on a single door only.

3 7 5 1 3 3 1 A B