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ERA iLock electronic security for multipoint locks


ERA Brings Keyless Living To Everyone
keypad lock for domestic multipoint doors

ERA has launched a  range of  electronic keyless access locks for your home – the ERA iLock.

  • For any parent who is tired of teenagers losing or forgetting their keys!
  • For anyone who has an elderly or infirm relative, who needs visits from friends, relatives, meals on wheels and healthcare providers

Easily lost, stolen or difficult to find, keys may comprise the security of your home; so rather than use keys the iLock range focuses on ‘Keyless Living’  allowing you to lock and unlock your door with the use of your fingerprint or a unique pin code.

Fingerprints are one of those bizarre twists of nature.  Human beings happen to have built-in, easily accessible identity cards which are unique to each individual, making them an ideal security device which represents you alone, literally at your fingertips.

The innovative iLock allows the occupier to gain keyless access to their homes, by means of presenting their unique fingerprint to the door handle.  The FX range has a high quality fingerprint sensor that scans the users fingerprint and matches the pattern to the programmed users in its memory; if a match is found then access is granted.

iLock is suitable for fitting to all PVCu, timber and composite doors, the FX range has handles to suit both single point locks (FX2 and FX3) and brings fingerprint entry for the first time ever to multipoint locks (FX1).  Alongside the fingerprint scanner the FX handles also have an additional keypad for keyless entry using either fingerprint recognition or keypad entry.

Included in the iLock options is the DX range which uses the digital access pin code system alone to lock or unlock your door. The handle requires a code to be entered before access is allowed, thus controlling who comes and goes from the property. Again, this range is suitable for fitting to all PVCu, timber and composite doors and encompasses handles to suit both single point locks (DX2 and DX3) and multipoint locks (DX1).

You have the ability to program both the FX and DX systems to recognise a fingerprint or pin code by allocating them to a specific ‘User ID’. All of the family can be added into the system as users and access can also be given temporarily to visitors and then deleted when no longer required.

The ERA iLock offers you a high security keyless locking system with the peace of mind that you will never have to replace keys ever again.

Electronic keyless access is the fastest growing sector in the security market and as such grouphomesafe has developed this cutting edge digital lock technology to provide homes and businesses with more innovative ways to secure their properties. The ERA iLock offers a simple, affordable solution – no fiddling around trying to find keys, everyone’s fingerprint is unique and can be used to allow building access easily and effectively!